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Healthy cabbage patties

Connecting around the table


I wanted to thank you for last night.

Your beautiful energy and your outrageously delicious food far exceeded any expectations I could have had.

And having Ori there with you was a plus. She is so sweet (and talented). I was thrilled to have both of your energies in my home.

Lynn Fleetwood
Los Angeles

What an extraordinary night!

And this was an extraordinary family that cooked an extraordinary feast!

Thank you for letting us be a part of it!

Finn-Olaf Jones
Los Angeles

Delicious food!!!

Thank you !!! It was a joy and honor to savor your food 💕💕💕

Clara Llano
Los Angeles

Dearest gorgeous Shir, thanks a million

Everything was absolutely magical and divine! The food the flavors, you and your kids! It was amazing 🤩!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hang out again, I hope your kids were Happy, and to more celebrations

Anjini Desai
Los Angeles

Thank you sooo much for everything.

The food was absolutely delicious. People were raving.

Caroline Antonia Salz
Los Angeles

Exquisite - all of it

the entire evening and everyone contributing to it. So humbling and so inspiring.

Simone Rodman
Los Angeles
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